Did you know rainwater reclamation can be as simple as pushing dirt into a burm, or adding basic gutters with a storage tank to capture roof runoff? We put one in at our home over one weekend, and have been floored by how much water it generates, and how easy it was to do! 

The City of Tucson has a superb and simple program to help you get your passive system online, and will even pay you back for materials/professional installation via a rebate that takes just a few weeks to get. 

If your roof covers just 1600 square feet, your runoff averages 11,000 gallons per year! To put that into perspective, at current top tier rates (and the Water Department has just proposed increases to total 27% over the next 4 years), that works out to $165. It’s enough water to completely cover the needs of 2 mature fruit trees, or wash your work truck 10 times, keep a backyard garden going all year, and can help ensure water is available for your kids and grandkids as our groundwater supplies continue to dwindle.

Interested? Visit:


to sign up for a FREE 3-hour class offered by the UofA 

And then visit:


For the steps needed to get your rebate (step 1 was the class, so you’re on your way!)